Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Like Big Buns...

You have all been asking for different tutorials, so here goes! I am excited to keep updating and sharing my info as we go. I apologize for the gorgeous brown door background as they are not my favorite home decor item in this house but I do hope to have a beautiful place to take photos soon.

Bun Tutorial:
 1. Gather hair into a high pony and secure with a band like this.

2. Take 1-2 inch sections and back-comb them from ends of hair towards the rubber band, creating a "nest" it will seem sort of Medusa like but the bigger and messier the better ;) 

3. Place hand under "nest" pony and lightly smooth one side of the hair, gently brushing out just a couple of the surface tangles

4. You will still have "nest" under the combed out side

5. Start to wrap around the pony tail holder, smoothing as you go

6. Gather the ends and pin underneath

7. Make your way around the bun and fasten any loose hairs from the bottom edge of the bun into the scalp hair that is not back in the pony to help anchor all the edges of your bun

8. You can continue pinning to secure your bun, making it lower and tighter or keep it high and large. Make sure to spray all flyways down which help to make your buns look polished ;]

P.S. I usually use about 7-10 bobby pins while securing my bun

{Left: My Bun During Ombré ~ Right: My bun here}

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