Friday, June 01, 2012

'Do a Day & Fifth and Orient Launch

Hello All...

It has been awhile again. A month has passed and a lot has taken place. I sometimes think to myself where has the time gone? We had our amazing wedding in Maui last month and are now house shopping. No rest for the weary, I tell you! It has all been such a fun part of our journey, I cannot wait to share the photos from the wedding.

I have an amazing new LOVE! My sister-in-law just launched her incredibly beautiful, amazing jewelry company Fifth and Orient check it out! They have fun, wearable and greatly priced, quality pieces!!! I already ordered first thing this morning! WooHoo cannot wait for it to arrive!

With having wrapped up such a fun, exciting and busy last month, I have come to a spot with my hair that is causing me blah-ness. It may just be the need for seasonal change however, have you ever looked in the mirror to feel like you look the same all the time? Well, that feeling sparked an idea and I have decided to take a self-challenge and style my hair differently every single day this month! I am going to have a new 'do a day to make sure I do not get bored and to help inspire you to keep changing things up. So stay tuned for a pic a day to see how creative I can get. You can also follow me on instagram (parlorgirl) to see my latest pics faster! Love instagram!!

(High Bun-1)

Summer is right around the corner, make sure your locks, limbs and lovely faces are hydrated and protected. I have a great review coming up from our salon product line of Unite, so stay tuned...


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