Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 26. Sock It To Me

(Day 26 Sock Bun)
Above you can see where I slightly parted my hair to reveal that I have a sock in my hair to help construct my bun.
 I love the doughnut hole it makes at the top

How To:
1- Take a tube sock and cut the toe off (I cut about 4" of the toe off as I have fine hair with quite a few layers and knew I wouldn't need a lot of sock to hold my hair)
2- Roll the sock into a doughnut and set aside
3- Put your hair into a ponytail and fasten with a rubber band (where your rubber band sits is the center of your bun
4- Grab your ends, take the doughnut sock and pull ends thru it about 3"
5- Start rolling it down with your hair coming out of the center and disbursing it evenly around the outer edges
6- As you roll it keep pulling your hair out and around the edges and tucking the other pieces, like the  layers that try to fall out under the sock
7- Finish by tucking and spraying 

Whoever knew you could use a household sock to make your hair beautiful?!


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