Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 23. Curly Sue/Snoop

I could not help but laugh when I woke up this morning and started taking out my mini-buns! First of all let me start off by saying that the Mr was laughing at me last night when I rolled into bed looking like an alien with knobs all over my head. He said "How am I suppose to look at you?" I replied "You're going to sleep, so it doesn't even matter!" LOL

 I washed my hair and let it air dry with a dab of Blow & Set Lotion (Unite)
Then I sectioned my hair starting in the bang area, twisted the section around and around until it needed to start wrapping around itself into a mini-bun then pinned the ends with a bobby pin or two. I personally like straighter ends as I mentioned here so you can see I have some wild tails hanging out here and there.
Side view, I went all the way down and around my entire head

Sorry my office is a mess (I am packing, sorting post-wedding stuff and my new sewing machine is taking up quite a bit of space)

I started taking out all the pins, then gently fingered through my spirals. Some were tighter than others, depending on how thick my sections were and the amount/length of hair in them.

 You can see that some of my ends actually look really straight, so I took  my wand and touched up a bit here and there and it worked out great! I do have to confess this is where I felt a moment of panic as I was releasing the ringlets and felt like I resembled Snoop Dogg!
But it was not too long before I was able to tame the mane and get it under my control again! I used my Tricky Lite, sprayed it all over my hair and gently kept finger combing and twisting though the curls until they started looking how I wanted them. 

 I actually really like the way it all came out. It was not painful to sleep on at all and it is 13 hours later and my curls are as bouncy and strong as they were this morning :)
For a NO-Dry style this is super easy to achieve! Let me know if you attempt it and how it goes!!

Happy Weekend

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