Saturday, June 02, 2012

Day 2. French Banded Waves

(Day 2 French Banded Waves)

I love to french braid my hair at night, sleep on it and awake to soft, beautiful waves! Sometimes I even flatiron my ends a bit more so they have that real straight, edgy look, setting off the soft waves above. That helps to give your hair a bit more polished of a look and eliminate fuzzy ends that can take place overnight while laying on the tail of your braid.

When you let your braid down, run your fingers through your hair with a little cream/wax. I use Unite's Tricky Lite. Tricky Lite is 50% wax and 50% hairspray that has hold, texture and shine for separation and definition. It is an amazing product and perfect for finer hair. You can even spray it on your fingers and twist your locks around watching it create small spirals that are defined!

Happy Braids and Waves!

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