Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 14. Bow Bun @ 2 Weeks

 Gather in a high pony
 Pull out just enough to leave ends on top 
Separate loop to create bow sides
Take ends and wrap over the top and pin under in the back
may require several pins to keep ends anchored
*I have a lot of layers so some of my ends were frisky. Personally I like it a bit more messy and not so contrived, but if you prefer polished just use a bit of spray or leave in conditioner before starting the bun


 These last two weeks have FLOWN by! I cannot believe I am already "14" styles in! The number 14 is my lucky number and favorite so it felt appropriate to include a little writing today. 
After returning from our wedding in April, I was seeking purpose and direction towards something new and I sat down and remembered that my blog had been lacking in love. I needed a new way to reconnect with it and be inspired. I am always wishing to give back more and inspire others and even though I do hair everyday for work (which I am told is "very giving and excellent at my craft-resulting in making people feel amazing") I still want to give MORE! Therefore I decided to take the challenge of 30 different styles for a month not only to keep me from Post-Wedding blues and boredom (neither of which I have experienced) but to help inspire you to try at least ONE new style out of your regular routine. 
It is so easy for us all to get in our regular rut and go-to's with ease. I am just as guilty as the rest. But I encourage you to try one new thing a week. Thank you for the great emails again and positive responses. This has sparked new ideas and thoughts for things to come...

Happy Thursday!!!

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