Monday, January 23, 2012

Cuckoo for Coconut

First off, Happy New Year! Wow time flies!

My early mornings, days and nights are all too consumed with {Wedding-ness} 87 more days…

However, my teeny little amount of free time has been dedicated to testing my latest craze of Coconut Oil. More than just for your tanning needs, Coconut is multi-functional and should be a staple in EVERY household. There are SO many amazing uses so I will try to keep them condensed and not bore you.  

My brother first turned me on to drinking Coconut Water quite some time ago. Fortunately it was one of those days when I needed an afternoon iced coffee, but somehow he managed to swindle me into stopping at the health food market first. He knew his path, swooped up a couple cans, checked out and started raving about the benefits. Skeptically, I dreamed of an iced pumpkin coffee and was brought back to reality when he said read this: "Coconut water is so ideally suited to the body it has even been used as an intravenous solution when conventional IV solutions are unavailable. We recommend you only drink it though." {C2O}. Enough said, I gulped it down as thoughts of my usual intravenous-wishing-caffeine-addiction faded.  I have to be honest and the taste was well - bleh! It kind of grows on you but is not an afternoon sipping delight. I downed the can as he recited all the benefits, ranging from; gluten free, amino acids, pH balanced, hydrates and keep your electrolytes in balance, no fat, no additives, no sweeteners and no preservatives- DRINK UP. 
After consuming, I felt not a surge like I do from other caffeinated products, but rather a heightened alertness and mental clarity. I felt like I just did my body good! I encourage you to try it.

Since our health food soiree with Coconut Water, my mind started spinning wheels of Coconut thoughts. I went to the local health food store, and purchased a jar of Coconut Oil. Clarification: it has to be "Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 100% Organic" That's a mouthful. The jar appears to have a white coconut-y color and will be a solid at room temperature in the jar. I have not noticed an obtrusive scent other than that of a somewhat nutty smell is how I can best describe it. So, no Hawaiian Tropic lotion scent here. Bummer because I LOVE Coconut scent. However, a tiny, tiny amount goes a LONG way.

Here are a few of the ways I have incorporated it into my daily regime from head to toe. 

1- I started off using it in a homemade body scrub, stepping out of the shower with a new, velvety skin texture {LOVE} 

2- Replaced my night cream, rubbed a tiny amount over my face and let it absorb in {LOVE- hoping for a wrinkle reducer lol}

3- Applied all over my skin in lieu of body lotion (your skin will absorb as I have not felt greasy or oily after {LOVE}

4- Applied to my blonde hair in the driest places at night and washed out in the morning {LOVE}

5- Applied to wet hair and blow dry in leaving hair shiny and bouncy {LOVE}

6- Applied to dry hair after blow drying to add shine and calm frizz {LOVE}

7- Applied to a burn {Still testing- it was today}

8- Add a tablespoon to my oatmeal in the morning {LOVE no taste difference}

9- A client of mine whom singed a massive amount of her hair in Europe (iron and electricity mishap) has been applying Coconut Oil to her hair at night, wrapping a warm heated towel around and sleeping with it. She is raving that it is helping tremendously!


Coconut Oil is amazing, natural nutrition for your hair. You can apply it to your scalp to help with dandruff, dryness or even just massage it in to reduce mental tiredness. Coconut Oil is great at preventing dryness of the skin and helps to delay wrinkles, sagging and even improves stretch marks. You can use it to treat various skin disorders such as dermatitis, eczema and other infections due to its incredible antioxidant properties.   

I mentioned adding it in my oatmeal. You can also use it to cook your veggies and other foods too. Ingesting it can help improve your digestive system and also help to absorb other key nutrients like vitamins, minerals and aminos within your body. Coconut Oil can aid in weight loss as it is easy to digest due to the small and medium-chain fatty acids. 
I also read online that a woman was putting it on her dogs food to help remedy hot spots and chronic itching. 
I am excited that there are so many different uses for one small product and feel that this is scratching the tip of the Coconut Ice Berg! 
I will keep you posted as I learn more. Go try some Extra Virgin Coconut Oil {100% Organic} and let me know what your experiences are. 
Happy Coconuts!

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