Friday, July 22, 2011

Tired of flat, limp hair?

Did you know that by making a simple adjustment in the shower can completely alter the outcome of your hairstyle for the day?

Here it is: Shampoo your scalp and Condition your ends!

We are all so conditioned (literally) to shampoo our entire head and do the same immediately after with conditioner. The important shampooing step is to make sure to cleanse your scalp really well due to the fact that your head sweats and that is where your natural oils come from. (Also take note that you will have LESS suds/bubbles these days due to all the positive changes that are being made with the ingredient line ups, unless you are using cheap, junkie shampoo from the grocery store. Then don’t be surprised to see that Mr. Bubbles will be back on your head.)

After you rinse your shampoo well, this next direction will really help your daily outcome. Apply your conditioner from your ears down, as if you were grabbing your hair to put back in a low pony. There is NO need to condition your scalp unless you have a scalp thing going on or you are on a thinning hair program. However, if you prefer the shiny, greasy, weighed down flat looking hair kind of style, then by all means condition away. I know you know what I am talking about. We have all experienced a form of this before.

By eliminating conditioner from your scalp, those who crave extra volume and lift throughout their day will now be able to achieve more of that. You will also be able to go more than a day without washing. If you find that your hair is tangled and knotty from less conditioner, then simply spritz a couple squirts of It’s a 10 Conditioning Spray to help with the detangling.

So remember: Shampoo Scalp, Condition Ends!!!
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