Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Lovin'

This last weekend has blessed me with feeling her arrival. Summer is HERE! Well almost, technically speaking we have a week to go but who’s really counting, LOL. Sun, pool, lakes, wakeboarding, the smell of a campfire, birds chirping in the early morning, the scent of flowers freshly sprinkled with water at 5 am, bike rides on a warm evening, Giant’s games while sipping beer and munching hot dogs, barbecuing with friends and family, fresh fruit, music echoing through the house with all the windows open on your restful weekends are all singing my name. Each year we try to put together a tentative agenda of all the activities and encounters we would like to accomplish during our favorite months. This year I have added a couple things in addition to my normal Summer Loves.

1.     Pool parties and BBQ’s with family & friends
2.     Camping trip to a new location with water
3.     Spend a day in San Francisco as a tourist
4.     Attend the fair, eat a corn dog & take photo booth pictures
5.     Take a class at Apple to master my ipad
6.     Lay on the grass & watch shooting stars in August
7.     Learn to meditate & PRACTICE it ;)
8.     Witness fireflies/lightning bugs in Kentucky
9.     Make ONE new dish or recipe a week
10. Take a MAC Bridal makeup class
11. Attend Shakespeare in the park with my Mom

What are your wonderful plans for the Summer?
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