Wednesday, June 01, 2011

May Favorites

Essie Nudes
Sand Tropez, Topless and Barefoot and Ballet Slippers

Airbrush Tanning (Double Dip)

My first experience with a double dip was incredible. It is literally two sprays/coats in a row. She sprays your entire body once and then does it a second time layering another coat of the product right over the top. Almost as fulfilling as eating a double dip ice cream ;) Not only do you come out tanned like a bronze goddess, fresh off an island plane, but it lasts for TWO weeks! With all this unpredictable California weather, I need some COLOR.

It’s a 10 Spray

Continuously a styling staple.

Rene Furterer Vegetal Mousse

This recently became a favorite after attending a Rene Furterer class. It was given out as a sample and I quickly fell in love. Great for volume before you blow-dry or add to ends on dry hair, dry it in and follow with curling iron for curls with great hold.

Bath & Body Works Candle in Strawberry Patch

This candle will infuse your entire house in minutes. You can never go wrong with anything Strawberry in my opinion!!!

PLEASEEEEEE let there be SUN!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL)
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