Thursday, June 16, 2011

Healthy Deodorant, Who Knew?

My recent trip to Sephora has allowed me to come home healthier and happier. Not to mention I will be walking around smelling like a vanilla bean from head to toe :) I am always on the prowl for safe, healthy alternatives to the products that I have currently been using, as long as they do their job.
LAVANILA Laboratories have an entire line that is 100% healthy! WooHoo!! Stemming from a background of allergies to synthetic fragrances, the LAVANILA founders set out to create a luxury fragrance that was actually good for you. One that was full of natural, skin-friendly ingredients and free of everything else. With Vanilla as a universally loved fragrance, highly praised for its warm, luxurious and natural qualities, it was the perfect complement and anchor. And with the finest Vanilla coming from Madagascar, the brand adopted the country’s native word for the ingredient - LAVANILA – as its own name.

So you are probably thinking, “What IS healthy?” Their 100% healthy seal is their commitment to using only those natural, skin beneficial ingredients that nurture the soul and nourish the skin. Their skin-saving, non-irritating formulations are made for all skin types and without the use of inexpensive, potentially toxic ingredients commonly found in beauty products.  

The ingredients are:
100% natural, free of harsh chemicals
100% nourishing, formulated with immune supporting botanicals, super antioxidants, pure essential oils and 30 essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids
100% effective, harsh chemicals are replaced with cutting edge natural technology
100% luxury, fresh captivating scents will pamper your body and soul
100% aware, packaging is 100% recyclable and they prioritize packaging based on reducing carbon footprints
AND never test on animals!


I know exactly what you are all thinking? Do I smell? Does the deodorant work?  No and yes! Since I have to blow-dry hair for a living and bend over clients in a washbowl, it is imperative that I have healthy, happy pits. With this being said, switching from the use of my original, drugstore deodorant to Lavanila was an adjustment.
I have used regular deodorant/antiperspirant for 25+ years (minus the 6 months of a crystal stick in my early 20’s - which you had to wet it to apply and felt like it scratched my armpits every time I used it).

I purchased the LAVANILA Healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla. The scent is awesome! Essential oils of vanilla and Tonka bean make this a luxurious vanilla, soft and mellow and definitely not overbearing or offensive. The deodorant is velvety soft when applying, doesn’t leave white on your clothes and is packaged really nicely. You really do have to apply to DRY skin. The first couple times I was like “ohhhh no, I feel wet under my arms” but that was because I got right out of the shower, dried quickly and applied. Now I dry even more, allowing the skin extra time to air dry then apply and have not had a problem since. Now it is only a deodorant and not an antiperspirant so that will make you feel damp at times. The other thing I have to do differently is apply a second time in the afternoon if I am sweating more than usual or just feel like freshening up. However, I am sure it would be personal due to your lifestyle. As I stated before, I am in and around clients and prefer to be ahead of the game :)

I am about 10 days in using this product and completely LOVE this deodorant. I have survived the gym, long work hours and all day outside in the sun at a soccer game. It is $18, which I know is a tad steep, but my justification is knowing that I am keeping my body healthy and deterring anything that may come from harsh chemicals/ingredients. I did mark the date on the bottom of the container and will repost a date when I am finished with it just to compare.

I also bought the Healthy Body Butter in Pure Vanilla and thoroughly enjoy the scent once again and the creamy texture on my skin.

The Healthy Deodorant has my VOTE! Stop by Sephora or Lavanila and give it a sweat! It also comes in Vanilla Passion Fruit, Vanilla Lavender, Vanilla Coconut and Vanilla Grapefruit. 

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