Tuesday, May 24, 2011

3 Steps to Super Sexy Hair

1 Pump up the volume To achieve maximum body, start by bending over and finger drying your hair gently until it is about 75% dry. Then come back up and spray on a volume boost spray like Catwalk Your Highness Root Boost. Spray on your roots, massaging into the scalp and down through the ends. Take your larger round brush and finish drying in sections pulling hair straight out from the scalp.

2 Create polished waves Take a large curling iron (1.5-2”) and wrap your hair around it in a spiral motion barely leaving the ends off the iron. Do this in 2 inch sections all around your head. Remember, when wrapping around your face, always roll the hair around the iron going backwards to open up your face.

3 Finish with texture As I have said before, sexy hair should have natural volume, texture and movement. Mist a little texturizing spray in your crown to add a bit of lift. Take your finishing spray and lightly spray the palm of your hands and fingers, then run it through your front layers/bangs to piece out the front creating soft movement. 

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