Friday, April 08, 2011

5 Slimming Secrets

Sunshine is starting to peek out and Spring Fever has been established. It’s time to get up, get motivated and light your personal fire to achieve your summer body. Swimsuits are right around the corner ladies. I too get distracted by work and life so you are not alone. Let’s work together so we can find more balance, making exercise and healthy food choices a priority. Here are a few tips to help you start.

1- Combining Cardio & Weight Training
Incorporating both weight training and cardio into your workout regime is extremely important to help change your body. Make it fun by adding inspiring, fun music to your playlist and keep your exercise routine changing to stay motivated and stimulated. Sometimes grabbing a friend to workout with helps too and I enjoy having a personal trainer at times as well. They are very good at throwing in new workouts and help aid in keeping your body guessing. I have a couple GREAT recommendations for trainers if you are in the Bay Area!!

2- Remember Food
Most of us either eat too much or are afraid of food. Food involves making the RIGHT choices and using it as fuel, not for fun. You can work out until you are blue in the face but what you put in your body is a direct reflection of how your body actually looks. I feel that diet is at least 80% responsible for what your body looks like. Stick with your healthy food choices and you will see a difference. (See5 Tips to Eating Healthy)  Remember too that by incorporating cardio and weights as stated above, you can still indulge in that occasional treat… Guilt free!!! Just make your workouts count!

3- Ab-Trimming Foods
OK, who doesn’t want six-pack abs? Actually, let’s just settle for SOME definition and a tighter midsection, with maybe a few lines… We hear “Summer” in our brain and that instantly translates to bikinis, immediately launching us into sit-up and crunch mode EVERY night before bed, right? I know I am not the only one ;) To help you get your lovely lines and tighter tummy, you want to eat foods that help clear out your stomach and digestive tract. This means foods that are high in fiber like leafy green vegetables and adding probiotics to help aid in food digestion. Asparagus and lemon are helpful as they are both natural diuretics and will help reduce the water retention and bloating you may have around your midsection.

4- Hydrate Your Skin from the Outside
Your skin needs to eat/drink too. What you apply on the outside really makes a difference. Staying hydrated is SO important. I love either baby lotion or Bath and Body Works: True Blue Spa- Lay It on Thick, for my entire body at night. For my face, I am on a Derma Quest regime and on my neck and chest, still loving the Origins-Starting Over.

5- Hydrate from the Inside
 To obtain that natural glow you need to hydrate your entire body with water! Water is the most important factor in how your external skin looks. Stay hydrated with at least 1.5-2 liters a day. I know most of you shy away from it because you do not want a zillion trips to the ladies room a day. After your body adjusts, you will not feel like you need a restroom break every 15 minutes :) Promise! And your skin will thank you!

These are simple things to help your body from the inside out. Remember to love yourself and take care of yourself! A few simple steps go a LONG way in helping protect and keep your body balanced.

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