Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Spring Fever Part 1- Hair

Currently Craving:
40, is definitely the new 30 according to Jennifer Aniston. We are absolutely, loving her new hairstyle as a choppy, above the shoulder bob.

We've had a taste of Spring and are all feeling ready for some sunshine and the benefits that go along with it. There's nothing like Spring color to brighten your day! Time to step into the light and leave the darkness behind.

Highlights can come in a WIDE array of colors. Not necessarily blonde only. Remember, you can always ask your stylist to see their color swatch book before you start any highlight service to preview your options that are available. I LOVE to put my book in the arms of my clients. There are so many beautiful colors to add to the hair!
Happy Highlighting!!!
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  1. Millie wears her hair in a braid on days she has swimming lessons, so we've additionally found the Behave styling cream to prove to be useful. Her hair isn't exactly sufficiently long for an awesome braid.
    Ruby Coleman