Monday, March 21, 2011

Decorate your 'Do

with Hair Ornaments!!!

OK, so being a woman has just gotten even more fun! Our hair has become a landing spot for a multitude of different, decorative, ornaments. Tinsel is not just for your tree anymore. Feathers are landing in more places than on a bird and crystals have moved off your T-shirts and onto your hair. It’s time to decorate ladies and this one lasts year round, not just seasonal :)  

Temporary Extensions allow you to play with length, thickness and color by either clipping in or adding hair with a small micro-link which can be easily taken out and reused. These extensions come in a multitude of different hues that can match your current hair color, be placed as highlights or lowlights if you don’t want to chemically color your hair or to just add, fun/funky color to your hairstyle.

Hair Flairs/Tinsel are fun glittery, tinsel strands that are tied into the hair for a coloring shine look, reflective highlights, a team sporting event or just plain blinging up your ‘do. They are heat resistant and therefore can be curled and flat-ironed to suit your daily style while typically lasting 2-6 weeks.

Hair Crystals are a fun way to add that extra glamour to any style. They are great for formal styles and are fun to add in for an event or night out.

Feather Hair Extensions are a fun way to add pizazz to your style. They are inserted with a micro-link and can easily be taken out and be saved for later if needed. See my other post on "feather frenzy"

Happy Hair Decorating!!!
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