Wednesday, October 26, 2016

3 healthy slow-cooker recipes for the busy mama

3 healthy slow cooker crockpot recipes
Look, I get it, cooking dinner every night is not high on my list and not because I don't want to but lets face it, we are all busy these days. 

I love and cherish my crockpot. (Am I showing my age by using that word instead of slow-cooker?) Lol because up until last winter, I had my moms original crockpot from the 70s with the old original plug. The only reason I ditched it was because I didn't want to come home to a burnt down house smelling like pot roast haha jk it actually burnt out after almost 40 years. Which let me tell you, coming home and smelling that wonderful aroma, not only makes your mouth water but will have your hubs drooling over the fact that he will think you slaved away all day prepping the family dinner...

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

military trench coat

the perfect tan trench coat
I have searched high and low for a tan trench for awhile now. This one takes the cake!

Monday, October 24, 2016

cozy fall picks

cozy picks for fall fashion and home

There is nothing more comforting then feeling cozy for fall, am I right?! I swear the minute the temps drop, I am all about furry slippers, cozy leggings, comfy knit sweaters, hot tea and soft blankets galore...